Air Force Releases Image of Future Bomber, But What to Call It?

(U.S. Air Force image)(U.S. Air Force image)

The U.S. Air Force has released a concept image of its next-generation bomber, but is still looking for a cool name for the future aircraft.

Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James released the artist rendering of the Long Range Strike-Bomber, or LRS-B, which she said will carry the official designation of B-21, on Friday during a speech at the Air Force Association’s air warfare symposium in Orlando.

“So we have an image, we have a designation, but here’s what we don’t yet have, we don’t yet have a name,” she said. “This is where I am challenging and I’m calling on every airman today, we want our active duty, our National Guard, our Reserve, our civilians, our family members, we’d like all of you to give us your best suggestions for a name for the B-21, America’s newest bomber.”

A team led by Northrop, maker of the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber and drone aircraft, in October beat out another led by Boeing Co., the world’s largest aerospace company, and Lockheed Martin Corp., the world’s largest defense contractor, for the $21.4 billion initial contract as part of the LRS-B program.

The Air Force plans to buy a total of 100 of the next-generation bombers at an inflation-adjusted cost of $564 million per plane to replace its aging fleet of B-52 Stratofortresses made by Boeing Co. and a least a portion of its B-1 fleet.

What do you think the new bomber should be called? Here’s a sampling from folks weighing in — in jest — on Twitter:

And here were a few serious suggestions:

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  • Gregory Francis

    it looks like a BOOMERANG SO LETS CALL IT A BOOMERANG BOMBER it will always return

  • Douglas

    I like the Batrang


    The very fact that the US Air Force is still flying the B-52 bomber an aircraft designed after WWII and first flown in 1952 should tell you that they don’t really need anything very specialize as even a Boeing 747 modified with a bomb-bay and refueling capability would be viable.

  • James Dennen


  • Ron Skamanich

    Bat 21 famous call sign from Vietnam and bats fly at night!

  • Magic

    If it is going to survive the budget process of the next administration, better call it the “Trump Card”.

  • Larry L Lawrence


  • Richard J. Fanning


  • Kraken

    How about B-2 Too, Boeing is saving tons on this rubber stamp of one we already have.

  • Greg

    B-21 Wraith. Stick with the ghost theme of the B-2 Spirit.

  • James Dennen


  • eddyjames

    Call it ” The obombinator”

  • cato

    In light of today’s politically correct A/F… about “Rainbow Prancer”.

  • Ben Jones

    How about the “Global Fortress” B-21

  • Len Summers


  • Ryan

    B-21 Poltergeist

  • just lookingthanx

    How about the “Batfhart”?

  • Docdocster

    In honor ofvthe enlisted men and women who keep them up why not call it the Chevron I, it certainly looks like an enlisted Chevron. Since enlisted pilots can’t cammand an aircraft in the air ackowledge their command status on the ground where they do have top rank for maintaing the reliability and integretyof the birds. It woukd go a long way toward building moral.

  • Cristian

    GB-2 from Good Bye

  • Cullen


  • Cullen


  • Mike

    Spent 25 years in B-2 program. I am as qualified as any to name it. Name it for what it is built for………B-21 Penetrator.

  • McFly

    Lucky Strike

  • Mike

    I must say the design is not very imaginitive. As a matter of fact, it looks just like the design prior to the current look of the existing B-2. It went from this design and then to the current sawtooth design. If I had to guess, that is where Northrop will save engineering design dollars. The B-2 used to look like this prior to full scale production.

  • Jim Maship

    B-21 STALKER

  • Nick Szasz

    Flying Anvil

  • Edwin Rivera

    I would name it Capuchino in honor to a type of Kite that we fly here in Puerto Rico made of paper that resemble his shape.

  • Cal

    The Edge, The Echo, Black star, The Recurve, Vapor, Keeper and reply

  • Larry

    Name the B_21 Terminator.

  • Tim

    Just call it, “BUTCH”!

  • len

    how about the B-21 Reaper

  • Sean

    The Hammer

  • publikafhairs

    Giving a nod of appreciation toward America’s Aussie allies, the aircraft’s looks and actual use remind one of the “boomerang”.

  • Greg

    As a old Khe Sanh Marine Angel comes to mind… Nothing like big bird when you need one.


    You can call it “Rat Bat” it looks like Bat, and are called by west indian people ; RAT BAT.


    You can call it “Rat Bat” it looks like Bat, and are called by west indian people .

  • Michael G.

    The Banshee

  • haloguy628

    B-21 0bomber since it will double the national debt and still not work right.

  • WilliamDahl

    How about, the “B-21 BudgetBuster”?

    Or maybe, the “B-21 JailBait”?

  • Rick

    B-21 GostRider

  • Rick

    The B21 Ghost~Rider

  • Gerald Blackman


  • Richard Bledsoe

    Name it “Silent Night” (SN2). After the payload is dropped thats what’s left, but as said before we need a P/C name to make sure we don’t hurt anyones feelings after we send whoever to hells gates. Call it “Angels Wing”.



  • ObiRon

    Since it will bring the beginning of the end….The Omega


    Any Time - Any Place - Any Weather

  • Donald Sofia

    How or why did we jump from the B2 straight to the B21? STUPID AND RIDICULOUS (as usual). I worked at Northrop Grumman for 25 years.
    Call it the: ENTERLOPER

  • Berco


  • David George

    “Condor” A rare specifies soon to be extinct.

  • Greg Carrubba

    Howabout the Javelin?

  • galloglas

    The B-21 General William “Billy” Mitchell Bomber.
    Heed his words.

  • William

    B21 Terminator

  • Dave Falknor

    Silent Strike Bomber, Black Diamond Bomber,

  • Kenneth Miller Jr

    Bomb Bats Won, would be a good name !

  • David Dizon


  • DB-1

    How About the GHOST or Phatom

  • Charles Franklin

    B-21 Ares