General Robotics Unveils Newest Combat Robot

General Robotics DOGO. Photo: General Robotics.

General Robotics Ltd., recently unveiled, DOGO, a lightweight tactical combat robot capable of carrying light weapons.

Weighing roughly 26 pounds, DOGO was designed for Special Forces, SWAT teams, and infantry missions, and can maneuver across difficult terrain as well as climb stairs, according to a June 1 General Robotics press release. Light weapons can be quickly attached to DOGO and easily operated. DOGO can also integrate with non-lethal modules.

The robot includes eight video cameras that provide 360° images and boresight views, and it is outfitted with the means to communicate in hostage situations.

“Our solutions were developed to enhance force protection and enable real-time situational awareness and response,” according to Ehud Gal, CEO and president of General Robotics.

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