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Sats Hit Snags

Just about everything the U.S. military does these days depends on satellites: spying on insurgents, relaying orders, keeping drones and soldiers pointed in the right direction. The idea, in the future, is to go even more sat-centric. Too bad the Air Force is having such a tough time getting contractors to build the next generation […]

USAF Big: “Kill” Bloated Programs

Speaking of Pentagon budget battles… “Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Michael Moseley…told a Washington audience it might be time to start ‘killing’ programs with cost overruns and delays,” Reuters reports, hopping on Inside Defense’s coverage. Cuts to major weapons programs could be “well in excess” of $10 billion just for fiscal year 2007, said […]

Congress Slashes Pentagon Space Projects

It’s kind of hilarious, when you think about it. At the same time the New York Times is chasing its tail about weapons in orbit, Congress is slashing the Pentagon’s eternally-mismanaged space programs. “Brushing aside the recent claim by a senior U.S. Air Force officer that all is well with the military space acquisition system, […]


Walking through my old neighborhood yesterday, I noticed a girl, maybe 17, wearing a little painter’s cap, the brim flipped up and cocked slightly to one side. It was a look I hadn’t seen since I was 17, myself. And I never dreamed that it would come back to Manhattan, even as aren’t-we-ironic kitsch. I […]