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Fixing the Raptor

The Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor is the best fighter jet in the world. It’s faster, longer-legged, more maneuverable and packs better sensors than anything else flying. But there’s one inexcusable gap in its capabilities. Unlike even older fighters, the Raptor can only receive data from external sources; it can’t send. Raptor pilots have to get […]

Osprey Ready for Primetime? Part One

Its a great aircraft, powerful, stable, twice as fast as a Frog and goes over six times as far. Thats Lieutenant General. John G. Castellaw, the Marine Corps Deputy Commandant for Aviation, comparing the new Bell/Boeing MV-22 Osprey tiltrotor to the 40-year-old Boeing CH-46 Frog. More than 20 years after beginning development, and seven years […]

Pimp My Gunship — 1: Get Smart

Does a slow, Vietnam-era gunship have a place on the modern battlefield? Can you upgrade the old warhorse into a 21st century charger? The fixed-wing gunship idea goes back to barnstorming flyers who invented to the pylon turn, pointing one wing at an object such as a pylon on the ground as they turned around […]

Amtracs Forever

The Marines are fitting their 25-year-old AAV-7 amphibious tractors with thermal sights, replacing old starlight scopes with a range of just half a mile, according to Defense Industry Daily: The replacement AAV7A1 day/night sight must provide daylight as well as nighttime sighting ability to detect targets to 4.7 km, recognize targets to 2.5 km, and […]