Articles by Matt Cox

A soldier tests the recoilless rifle known as the M3E1 Multi-role Anti-armor Anti-personnel Weapon System. Photo: U.S. Army.

Army Evaluates New Shoulder-Fired Rocket Tech

The U.S. Army is testing new recoilless rifle technology designed give soldiers shoulder-fired rockets that are lighter and more ergonomic and in future, make them…

General Robotics DOGO. Photo: General Robotics.

General Robotics Unveils Newest Combat Robot

General Robotics Ltd., recently unveiled, DOGO, a lightweight tactical combat robot capable of carrying light weapons. Weighing roughly 26 pounds, DOGO was designed for Special…

The DF-ZF hypersonic glide vehicle. Photo: People's Daily Online.

China’s Hypersonic Glider Passes New Test

China has successfully completed a seventh flight test of its new hypersonic glide vehicle last week in its northern central Shanxi province, according to an…