Articles by Michael Hoffman

(U.S. Defense Department photo)

DARPA Wants New Ways to Find Cyber Attackers

The Pentagon’s research arm, the Defense Advanced Project Agency, wants a better way to identify who is executing cyber attacks as part of its new Enhanced…

The PD-100 Personal Reconnaisance System (PRS) made by the Norwegian company Prox Dynamics provides the modern day warrior with a game-changing piece of equipment for instant use on the battlefield. (Image courtesy Prox Dynamics)

Army Wants Drones Weighing Less than a Pound

Army leaders want to build a nano drone that weighs less than a pound with the entire unmanned system not weighing more than three pounds, according to a Request…

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Air Force F-35As Fly SEAD Missions

Air Force F-35A pilots flew last month for the first time in a large scale combat training mission to specifically defeat enemy air defense systems….

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Airbus Unveils Plans for X6 Helicopter

PARIS — Airbus Helicopters announced the launch of a development program to build the X6 helicopter that would eventually replace the Super Puma and have…

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Russian Grounds Tu-95 Bear Bomber Fleet

The Russians have grounded their Tu-95 Bear bomber aircraft fleet after one of the aircraft caught fire while trying to take off from a base in…

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Report: Iran Drone Crashes West of Tikrit

A Kurdish newspaper is reporting that an Iranian drone crashed west of Tirkit, Iraq, where Iranian Quds Forces are working with Iraq soldiers to retake Tikrit from…