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If Oshkosh Corp. has its way, military trucks will soon feature driver-assist safety systems similar to those found on commercial vehicles, from the BWM X5 to the Ford Focus. Just a bigger, more intense system.

This is interesting, the high-cost of using some of the world’s most advanced fighter jets in Libya against Gadhafi’s joke of a military has led some NATO allies to consider buying cheap light attack planes similar to the ones the United States wanted to buy to fight insurgencies. NATO’s chief targeteer for the Libyan campaign […]

Here’s an interesting little nugget of info that came out of this week’s Air Force Association conference in National Harbor, Md: Hawker Beechcraft and Lockheed Martin’s AT-6 entry into the Air Force’s light attack competition has been tested by the Air National Guard in the Air Sovereignty Alert (ASA) mission that defends U.S. airspace. The […]

A U.S. Army general today dropped a bit of interesting news about a U.S. Air Force program today. The air service will decide the winner of the Light Air Support — or COIN plane — contest in November, Army Maj. Gen. Peter Fuller told bloggers this morning. For years now, the Air Force has been […]

Video: Libyan Rebel UAV

by John Reed on August 24, 2011

Not all of the Libyan rebels’ weaponry was jerry-rigged DIY gear put together from whatever arms (or toys) the militia could find. For the first time we’re seeing that the rebels used a thoroughly 21st Century tool of war; the UAV. The Scout micro UAV, made by the Canadian firm Aeryon Labs, was used by […]