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The Air Force plans to conduct the first test flight of its new HH-60W Combat Rescue Helicopter in 2019 as a step toward fielding an operational aircraft in 2021 and reaching full-rate production by 2023, service officials said. The new helicopter, called CRH, will be engineered to perform high-risk medical evacuations and other rescue and […]

The U.S. military is looking for candidates to receive face transplants. Over the past decade face transplant surgeries have been done in civilian hospitals, but it has been the U.S. Defense Department, with its obvious interest in such reconstructive surgery, that has been picking up much of the tab. As part of this work, service members, […]

The U.S. Army wants to build a data set of concussions and traumatic brain injury events not yet seen in the medical community. Gen. Peter Chiarelli, the former Army vice chief of staff, now retired, listed it as a top priority back in 2010. It’s a priority for a simple, yet depressing reason. Soldiers will […]

NFL football players will wear the same sensors this season inside their helmets that U.S. soldiers have worn in Afghanistan to measure concussions. The sensors measure the blasts sustained by soldiers from improvised explosive device (IED)  blasts in combat and then survey the soldiers to see if they suffered a concussion. Army officials say they […]

Combat wounds and field hospital surgery: There are just so many opportunities for an injury to become infected. And infection, after a traumatic injury itself, is the leading cause of amputations, according to medical officials. The more you can eliminate opportunities for infection the better off the patient is going to be. At the annual […]