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Defense Tech Poll

With the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff telling lawmakers yesterday that the Pentagon may not be able to buy as many F-35 Joint Strike Fighters as planned, it seems like a good time to share the results of a poll we ran two weeks ago asking whether the Marines should buy F-22s instead of F-35Bs. […]

The widely anticipated report is finally out from the House of Representatives Cyber Task Force. The twenty page document, written by House Republicans, was released last week and as expected, opinions have begun to fly. One person I spoke with has even called the report “superficial.” Perhaps the best part of the document is where it […]

Earlier this week we ran a poll asking readers what they think China’s J-20 stealth fighter will be used for. Nearly half of those who responded think it will be used as both a high-speed interceptor capable of taking out fighters, AWACS and tankers and as a long-range weapons truck designed to penetrate an enemy’s […]

J-20 Fighter Porn and a Poll

by John Reed on September 6, 2011

Here’s some J-20 stealth fighter porn to start your short workweek. Enjoy these photo-montages of the the big fighter rolling and banking hard as its test pilots expand the plane’s flight envelope. Meanwhile, take the poll below the jump and tell us what missions you think China’s stealth jet will be used for.  

In case you didn’t see this, it looks like Congress is trying to introduce JSF style engine competition into the Air Force’s next effort to build a high-performance aircraft; the “2018” or “next generation” or “daddy of the long range strike family” or whatever you want to call it bomber. Apparentlly, House Armed Services Committee members, the […]