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The Coast Guard wants to make its deck-mounted machine guns accurate enough for crowded American harbors. To do that, Coast Guard gunners need a weapon mount that’s stable enough to turn an M240 machine gun – a weapon designed to kill area targets on the battlefield – into a precision tool capable of putting every round on target.

The crew of the guided missile destroyer Stockdale has stayed busy these past couple weeks conducting a live fire exercise and anti-piracy training even as Navy leaders trying to balance shrinking budgets with readiness concerns. Navy leadership has told Congress at the multiple budget hearings on Capitol Hill how the cuts brought on by sequestration […]

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the video of the Coast Guard yesterday sinking a derelict Japanese fishing trawler that’s been adrift since the tsunami that devastated Japan last year. The 164-foot long Ryou Un Maru was sitting in a Japanese port waiting to be scrapped last year when the tsunami pushed it […]

I was wandering around the U.S. aircraft corral at the Paris Air Show today when I noticed this MQ-9 ‘Guardian’ in Department of Homeland Security colors equipped with a crazy looking Raytheon SeaVue multimode maritime search radar pod attached to the bottom. Here’s U.S. Coast Guard Captain James Sommers explaining the aircraft’s mission.

Happy Friday, here’s the latest in Military.com’s Tip of the Spear video series. This clip shows how the U.S. Coast Guard’s Maritime Security Response Team will get to you no matter where you hide on a ship.