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In the Bubble with Joe Buff

By Joe Buff — Defense Tech Undersea Warfare Contributor The State of Israel has long followed what early nuclear war-fighting theorist Henry Kissinger called a policy of nuclear ambiguity. Israel, officially, neither confirms nor denies possessing any nuclear arms, although many defense analysts, politicians, and diplomats the world over have long considered Israel an undeclared […]

SEAL Minisub: Reloaded

by John Reed on July 20, 2011

By Joe Buff — Defense Tech Undersea Warfare Contributor Since at least the ‘90s, U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has needed a stealthy, survivable, long endurance, shirt-sleeves-environment commando midget sub to be deployed/retrieved from the back of a full-size SSN or SSGN “mother ship.” One such project, the Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS), got cancelled […]

Our own Joe Buff, avid submarine warfare fiction and non-fiction writer, attended an April 8 New York Council of the Navy League luncheon where Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead discussed some of the Navy’s potential future “tipping points.” We recently wrote up a paper from the Center for Naval Analyses that examined the […]

By Joe Buff Defense Tech Futurist and Submarine Warfare Novelist The following is an editorial by Joe Buff, an award-winning writer specializing in undersea warfare fiction and non-fiction. He is also currently working as a producer on turning one of his novels into a major motion picture. Engagement by talking, alone, has yet to prove […]

Nova’s new season premier on PBS the night of 5 January, “Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor,” makes great TV watching for any World War II enthusiast or military historian. The episode is based in part on work, begun in the early 1990s, by three collaborating naval researchers: CAPT John Rodgaard, USN; scientist Peter Hsu; and Dr. […]