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So reports are now surfacing that say those six armed western-looking dudes filmed talking to Libyan rebels near Misurata last week may be mercs hired by wealthy Arab states who are participating in the operations to oust Gadhafi. From the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper: One possibility is that the men could be former British special […]

Check out this great footage by Al Jazeera of Libyan rebels fighting Gadhafi’s troops. Most significant are the images of what are supposedly armed western troops liasing with the rebels at the 2:10 mark. This may well be the first footage of western “boots on the ground” (sorry to use that clichéd term) at the […]

Let Erik Prince Do the Talking

by jnoonan on August 21, 2009

Well, Blackwater (Xe) is in the news again today. Seems as if they’ve been loading bombs onto CIA Predators in Afghanistan and Pakistan under contract and the anti-PMC crowd is in a tizzy. Based on conversations I’ve had with security contractors from a couple different companies, the CIA gigs — even the one where they […]

Mercenary Air

by Ward Carroll on June 2, 2008

This morning Military​.com has a story on America’s most famous (or infamous) private security contractor, Blackwater USA, purchasing a light attack aircraft. Report Says Blackwater Bought Fighter (AP) A subsidiary of U.S. military security contractor Blackwater Worldwide has purchased a fighter plane from the Brazilian aviation company Embraer, a Brazilian newspaper reported June 1. The […]

The tens of thousands of foreign mercenaries fighting alongside coalition soldiers in Iraq aren’t just tooling around in up-armored SUVs sporting submachine guns. These guys have got helicopters too that they use to escort convoys — and one of them has just been shot down over Baghdad, according to the Associated Press: Five civilians died […]