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TAMPA — A San Diego-based small business called Torrey Pines Logic displayed a small, mobile optical detection system at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference here. It emits a laser pulse to detect nearby surveillance gear such as cameras, rifle scopes or various observation lenses. The Beam 100 Optical Detection System is engineered to detect […]

A division of L-3 Communications Holdings Inc. has developed a small infrared camera for drones, sniper rifles and ground vehicles. L-3 Cincinnati Electronics, part of New York-based L-3, said its NightWarrior 640 is among the smallest, high-resolution, mid-wave infrared cooled cameras. About the size of a baseball, the device weighs less than a pound and […]

A cool new development in bullet stopping tech happening at Rice University.  This from the school’s web site: A Rice University lab, in collaboration with researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and its Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, decided to find out by creating the nanoscale target materials, the microscale ammo and even the method […]

The Internet was aflame this morning with talk of  NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly’s statement to 60 Minutes last night that his department has the ability to shoot down aircraft. Naturally, this prompted people to ask if the department has some type of surface-to-air-missiles. We’ve seen talk about the militarization of America’s police departments over the past few […]

The Army officially announced yesterday it has signed on with Remington Arms to upgrade at least 250 of their aging M24 bolt-action sniper rifles into a new configuration dubbed — weirdly — the XM2010. We actually heard the rifle will officially now be known as the M24E1, but leave it to the Army to go all […]