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Arms Trade

Well, after months of research, Senate Armed Services Committee investigators have discovered “a flood” counterfet parts in everything from critical navigation software for newly modernized C-5 Galaxy cargo planes to “assemblies” destined for RQ-4 Global Hawk spy planes, submarines and even Stryker Mobile Gun Systems. Now, we’ve known that fake parts — usually made in […]

Well, after the Air Force cancelled its award to Brazil-based Embraer for 20 Super Tucano light attack planes, the Pentagon has apparently told Brazilian officials that there will be another chance to supply the Pentagon with turboprop-driven attack aircraft. Late last month, the Air Force canceled a relatively small contract — $355 million —  with […]

Remember all those Libyan surface to air missiles that went missing during last year’s civil war in Libya? The ones that NATO was desperately trying to track down? Well, some of the shoulder-fired SA-24 Grinch SAMs have made their way into the hands of Hezbollah and they’re pointed at Israel. The Grinch isn’t some aging […]

Is Boeing Proposing a P-8-Lite?

by John Reed on February 14, 2012

So Boeing says its considering shrinking the P-8 Poseidon submarine hunter into a smaller airplane to replace P-3 Orion fleets around the world, according to a Defense News article from the Singapore Air Show. My question is, what aircraft does Boeing have in mind? I mean, the company has spent a ton of time over […]

Happy budget day! Yup, the Pentagon’s 2013 budget request officially drops today and according to Reuters, it’s going to ask for $187.8 billion to buy planes and ships while chopping cash for ground vehicles. As we’ve said before, in the 2013 budget, strategic weapons are winning the funding game in the second decade of the 21st […]