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The ongoing debate over the role of the U.S. government in cyber-warfare is stalling the military’s efforts to develop and deploy relevant technology, according to the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency. “Philosophical issues are freezing us and making us unable to take steps,” Michael Hayden, a former CIA director and retired Air Force […]

Officials with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard have reportedly started work to begin training high school students to target drones flying overhead, according to an Iranian newspaper. Gen. Ali Fazli, a leader of the paramilitary unit, told the paper the military will incorporate the lessons into “Defensive Readiness” sections of the “civil defense” courses taught at high […]

PARIS — A missile used primarily to kill tanks could soon protect the U.S. Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship from swarming fast attack craft. MBDA Missile Systems has adapted the well known Brimstone missile to specifically target fast attack craft while being fired from a naval vessel, officials said Wednesday at the Paris Air Show.