This Drone-Maker Armed a Quadcopter with a Sniper Rifle

(Duke Robotics photo)(Duke Robotics photo)

A small Florida company has outfitted a quadcopter with a sniper rifle, grenade launcher and other small arms — and wants to sell the technology to military forces.

Duke Robotics Inc. of Gulf Breeze is already filling orders of the TIKAD drone for Israeli forces, according to a company promotional video on YouTube (see below).

The small quadcopter can be equipped with an SR-25 marksman rifle made by Knight’s Armament Co.; an M321A grenade launcher; and an M4 rifle made by Colt Defense and FN America.

The drone “takes the full recoil of the weapon discharge, compensates for its force and quickly readjusts to stay on target and in the fight,” the promotional video states.

Check out the video below:

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