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Good Luck Stopping Missiles Early

“I have to say that it is the ugliest aircraft I have ever seen.“ That’s what Missile Defense Agency director Lieutenant General Trey Obering said when he laid eyes on the Airborne Laser at a rollout ceremony in October. I’m not one of those guys that swoons in front of aircraft. But I were, I […]

Aegis Turns 20

Some weapons don’t age well. Designed to counter the threat of the day, they go into mothballs when the threat evaporates. Take the Bradley Linebacker, an M-2 Bradely infantry fighting vehicle with a Stinger anti-air missile module attached to the turrent. The Linebacker was designed to protect armored formations against Soviet attack jets and helicopters. […]

Score One for Missile Defense

At long last, there’s some good news for the most troubled part of the ballistic missile defense system. In testing this afternoon, an interceptor launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California caught up to a target warhead, and destroyed it. “This was the first intercept of [an] operationally-configured warhead and booster, and the first […]

Missile Defense Test Today

Talk about good timing. “A sea-based missile defense test flight will take place today off Kauai amid reports North Korea may be prepping to test-fire a long-range missile over the Pacific,” the Honolulu Advertiser notes. “The Kauai test is part of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense Program and had been scheduled for months.“ The test […]

Missile Defense Trifecta

The laser jet is on the skids… The missile test at sea was even better than you thought… The satellites still aren’t working… And there’s a complete wack-job sitting on the Defense Science Board. I picked up more juicy tidbits about the missile defense program in the last three posts over at Arms Control Wonk […]